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June 22-24, 2012


Question: What’s THE Secret to being Successful?

Answer: The POWER of YOUR Network!

You are invited to tour the backstage and hang out with of some the most successful and influential local marketers in the world. Join us in Las Vegas for THE event you do not want to miss. Gain knowledge, expand your POWER NETWORK with a group of marketing ROCKSTARS and have the time of your life. Are you ready for the OFFLINE ROCKSTAR WORLD TOUR?


Dear Fellow RockStar,

This is your call to arms! Dr. Dan and Rockstar Ben (The 2 ROCKSTARS) are excited to extend you a very special invitation to join the BEST of the best in local marketing for 3 days in Las Vegas. There is no need for us to twist your arm to convince you of how HUGE this event is and how transformational it will be for your growth and success in the adventurous journey we call entrepreneurship.

Hell, we already did plenty of arm-twisting and called in every favor we had to wrangle-up the best and most successful offline marketing geniuses around. We will hold nothing back and reveal all of the latest and greatest tactics and strategies. From SEO to Client-Getting to Social Media, Mobile, and Overall Business Building. No matter your current level, newbies and veterans alike are going to gain more knowledge in these 3 days than most will gain in 5 years… In fact, this is real-world and actionable content. All of our speakers have agreed to provide content you can take action on, and have even been asked to be willing to offer extra resources to our attendees to help make it easy to get the most out of this event. You will go home with zero excuses! :-)

This is like getting all the evil geniuses together to share their plans of world-domination in one place. Okay, maybe that’s a little over-the-top. After all, there is no evil here – but the genius factor is definitely worth bragging about. Forget the fact that networking with the best of the business is enough to elevate anyone, and is by itself, worth ten times the price of admission. Fact is, we are bringing over 150 years of seasoned business mastery and Millions upon Millions of Dollars of wealth achievement. Now, just let this sink in….

WARNING: When You Join Us, You Will Be Immersed in Millions of Dollars and 150+ Years of Success! What Will You Do When All of This Rubs Off on You?

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Meet Our  ROCKSTAR Presenters…

Brad Gosse. Does Brad need a formal intro? No he doesn’t. His recent book, “Chronic Marketer,” which swept the best-seller lists on Amazon, is alone enough to showcase that Brad is both a branding genius and a marketer unlike any other – anywhere in the world. Brad will show you how to be yourself, have fun, and stand-out while crushing it in your business. His story is both illuminating and highly (pun intended) inspirational. Just like all our speakers, Brad is a true ROCKSTAR and you will have a blast getting to learn from and hang out with him.

Chris Ramsey. Chris is one of those guys that, when you meet him, you just like him immediately. He is an offline marketing legend, a true fellow ROCKSTAR who needs very little introduction. Those of us who know him, know that he is one of the pioneers in the offline marketing field and know that his ability to take what seems so complicated in building a serious business and getting hoards of high-paying clients is unlike anything most of us have seen. Chris will reveal his genius methods and show you that it isn’t only possible to skyrocket your business, but it is easy.

Costas Peppas. When we think of offline ROCKSTARS, Costas always seems to come to mind. This guy knows how to run a local marketing business, no doubt. Hell, they call him the “Greek Internet god” – haha! Seriously though, Costas is not only brilliant when it comes to building and growing a business, he knows so many ways to get clients, it is absolutely insane. When you meet him, you will be amazed at how smart he is and it always tends to rub off. Not only that, but he is also an extraordinary teacher. A true ROCKSTAR with a passion to share his wisdom, Costas Peppas will be in Vegas to share the wealth of knowledge with you and help you take it to the next level.

Dr. Ben Adkins. We figured we’d screw with everyone and add to the confusion, as people tend to confuse Dr. Dan, Rockstar Ben, and Dr. Ben – haha! So, to make it more fun, we convinced Dr. Ben to join us and swap name tags with the 2ROCKSTARS, just to have a bit of fun… But that’s not the reason we begged him to join us on the Offline RockStar World Tour. Dr. Ben brings a very special knowledge to the table. Not only is he an offline marketing genius, but he developed his skill set as a Chiropractor. He gets this world from both sides (client and agency). His immense success, his amazing ability to teach, and his monumental track record make him a force to be reckoned with.

Greig Wells. Greig is the Linked-In ninja master! Seriously, he is a freakin’ genius when it comes to taking the most underutilized business social network and turning it into a true goldmine. Not only is Greig a fellow ROCKSTAR, he is one amazing guy. He is one of those guys you will see hanging out who will become an instant friend for life. And if you look at his extraordinary ability to take easy ideas and turn them into huge success stories, he is one hell of a friend to have indeed! Greig not only knows his stuff, he makes this stuff fun. When you get this rare opportunity to learn from such a master, you will no-doubt go home with a treasure that will be unforgettable. Greig is a ROCKSTAR and he is one awesome guy!

Jonathan Green. Jonathan is one of those dudes you meet who you know has a lot of plates spinning, but has that unique talent of being able to do so without giving up living a life of fun-filled pursuits. As a fellow offline ROCKSTAR, he has had extraordinary success in building a gargantuan-size offline marketing empire. Jonathan is going to spill the beans on his exact strategies on scaling your business to be able to easily take on hundreds of clients while maintaining the lifestyle of leisure.  Jonathan’s unique approach and success will inspire you to get up and grow your business without sacrificing your precious time!

Maria Gudelis. What can we say about Maria? She is one of the most caring and incredible people we know in the marketing world, and that alone excites us about having her join us on the Offline RockStar World Tour… Even more is that she is among the best of the best in the world when it comes to understanding how to crush it in an offline business. From social media to branding, and anything between, Maria’s success story is one that is inspiring and motivating. She is so authentic and giving in showing her fellow offline ROCKSTARS the path to immense success, and we are grateful to have her (and her partner, Tina) joining us to share some special secrets!

Matt Brauning. Matt brings a different approach to his fellow ROCKSTARS… Matt is a world-renowned expert in the field of success and self-growth. His understanding of what makes us tick and what makes your clients tick brings a very special, and highly necessary angle to our entrepreneurial journey. Spending just a few minutes with Matt, you will quickly realize that this success stuff is actually a lot easier than you had imagined. In fact, once you hear him speak, you will be inspired to take all of your dreams and put them into action. And that’s just the beginning of what you are in for with Matt on board. Seriously, we had to do some serious sweet-talking to get him to come join us. His seminars run in the tens of thousands of Dollars and he decided that he wanted to hang with some ROCKSTARS and share the love – you do not want to miss this!

Tina Williams. Tina is a social media goddess! We cannot possibly say enough awesome things about her. Who else do you know who gets clients to write $5,000 checks to manage FaceBook? Not only that, but they do so with a huge smile… Why? Because Tina gets it! She knows how to deliver the goods and add so much value to those around her. When we talked Tina and her partner in crime, Maria Gudelis – into joining us in Vegas, we knew that this event would be that much better. She is a true giver and you will learn so much from Tina that it may make your head explode (in a good way, of course). :-)

Robert Dickson. Robert is running a serious offline business in Maryland. From web design to social media, to just about everything in between, he has carved out a real slice of the dream by staying on the cutting-edge of digital media in offering the best of what’s around to his clients. What makes Robert stand out is that he is very laid back and soft-spoken. He is a ninja ROCKSTAR, in that he consistently proves to all of us that you can get clients, keep clients, and grow a serious business without having to be a hardcore sales person. Robert is one of the brightest and most genuine people we know and we are very lucky to have him share his expert knowledge with us.

Robert Stanley. Robert Stanley is an offline superstar. His ROCKSTAR status was no doubt solidified with his famous “Offline Street Fighter.” He is a guru and mentor to many. Even beyond that, he has been running offline businesses and helping local businesses since before anyone even heard of the word “offline.” Robert Stanley is on the cutting edge in this world because he understands the many sides of being able to deliver valuable services to clients. His knowledge and wisdom will be well-received. And even better, he is one funny dude and lots of fun to hang out with! With Robert, you get a genius and a cool guy to grab a beer with all in one!

Tim Castleman. That’s right, the light of our lives himself – the sunshine on a cloudy day… Alright, here’s the deal… Tim is still trying to “solidify his plans” to come join us, so we figured if we put his pretty face on here, he’d feel compelled to grace us with his presence :-) Okay, all kidding aside. Tim is a ROCKSTAR and is one of the kindest and most generous people we know. Yes, we hate to ruin his street cred, but Tim Castleman is a wellspring of knowledge in this field. He runs a very successful marketing business and is one helluva teacher!

And of Course…

Dr. Dan Ardebili. Dr. Dan is a modern renaissance man. He is a dedicated family man above all. Professionally, he understands there is much more to life than just running a business. We all know he has had many financial successes and continues to push the bar higher and higher with his pursuits. Even more than that, Dan is a true ROCKSTAR in life! His continued pursuit of growth goes far beyond business. Dan is real and he is one of the most generous and giving people around. That is what makes Dr. Dan the man! He truly gets people and he truly cares about people. Even more important is this… Dan has fun in all he does. Isn’t that what life is about? Follow Dr. Dan and get to know more about how you can apply a little more fun into all you do. He is one of the best teachers around and is a blast to be with and learn from. In Dr. Dan’s own words: “Don’t forget to be a ROCKSTAR in your business and in your life!”

Ben Littlefield (Rockstar Ben). Ben is a serial entrepreneur and a family man. His family is his greatest accomplishment. Interesting fact: some people don’t know that he used to live in Mexico and he speaks Spanish… Beyond his achievements, Ben is very passionate about helping other entrepreneurs reach their dreams. He is a firm believer that entrepreneurs can change the world. He earned the nickname “Rockstar Entrepreneur/Rockstar Ben” as an instructor at The University of Texas (Austin), where his students referred to his no BS style as being “Rockstar…” He wears that title like a badge and doesn’t want to lose his street cred by admitting he went to business school and has an MBA (don’t tell Ben we told you – haha). In all seriousness though, Ben is more than a thrill seeker, he is a true business man, he just makes it look easy. Although he will tell you he works his ass off, he loves every minute of it and follows his passion. He is genuine, and a blast to be around. In his words: “Keep Rockin!”

Oh… We also have a very special expert panel that will ROCK YOU! :-)


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